Monday, June 24, 2013

Jo's Trip Part One

We brought a little someone back with us when we left NY.  It had been 4 YEARS since Joanna's last visit!!!  I was in disbelief when she told me that!  We had a TON of fun!!!  Here are a few pictures of our festivities:

So we hit up the Zoo (we LOVE the zoo), and they brought the dinosaur exhibit back.  Phoenix held on so tightly to Joanna the whole time.  It was so cute.  These two have a special bond!  He chose Joanna over me many times!!  (which he has never done with anyone in his entire existence)! 

We also hit up the 4-D Ice Age movie (short), we literally got punched in the back (thanks to our chairs).  It still makes my back hurt thinking about it.  We will probably pass on the 4-D movies offered there in the future...

We also went strawberry picking!  I called the farm and they said there were next to no strawberries left, but we decided to go for fun.  It was a good decision because within 1/2 an hour we had two buckets full!  Both kids were a huge help this year!  They were arguably more picky than I was about what strawberries we kept.  We made strawberry jam the next night, Jo went back to NY and made some strawberry jam herself!  I am so proud of my baby sister!!