Monday, June 24, 2013


Sometimes I forget how much I miss my sisters until they come and visit, and I remember what it is like to be around people that are so much like me.  When Jo came to visit, it was no different.  There are so many things that I love that the rest of my family (Travis, Audrey and Phoenix) aren't into.  There are some things that I do that go unappreciated in my own home, but Joanna noticed.  Joanna (and all of my sisters) are so helpful with the kids, and I feel like the kids can innately sense that they are my sisters.  Like how Phoenix bonded so much with Jo, I truly believe it was because she is my sister and that he could see how alike we are in so many ways.

After my sisters leave, my heart literally aches for them.  I mourn for at least the next week.  It is hard to live so far away from my very best friends.  I am glad that I have 4 amazing sisters.  I am one lucky girl!  And I cannot wait to see my sisters again!!