Friday, May 23, 2014

Busch Gardens

We hit up Busch Gardens in Williamsburg last weekend.  It. Was. Awesome!!!  I think having gone to Disney World a few months ago prepped the kids (emphasis on Phoenix) to actually have fun at an amusement park.  Both kids were tall enough to go on almost every ride (exception being the coasters, which I would not have had them go on anyway), and we never waited longer than 20 minutes per ride.  There was a little roller coaster for the kids and they LOVED it!!  Even me and Travis enjoyed it!

A lady that worked there chastised me when she saw me taking "pictures of pictures" hehe.

One of the things Phoenix really wanted to do was to see Elmo.  Wish grated (with less than a 5 minutes wait).

Phoenix's favorite thing was the bumper cars and the kid coaster.  Audrey's favorite thing was DaVinci's cradle and the kid coaster.  My favorite thing was probably the pirate ship (or battle ram).  I think Travis's favorite ride was the swings.  

Our whole family had a great time!!  Both Audrey and Phoenix are at really fun ages, and we are taking FULL advantage!  We are already planning on hitting up a few more amusement parks this summer!