Monday, May 12, 2014

Stars on Ice

I have always been a big fan of figure skating, we watched it all the time when I was growing up.  I hadn't been able to keep up with it since I left home, but this year I was able to watch a lot of it with my family.  We watched the Pre-Olympic competitions, and then the Olympics, and we got to know a lot of the ice skaters.  Our favorite being the gold medal winner for ice dance, Meryl and Charlie.  After the Olympics they both got selected to be on Dancing With the Stars...which is my favorite reality show ever.  I checked into the Stars on Ice tour, and they completely skipped over NC, but they were going to hit up Hershey, PA.  So I bought me and the kids tickets the day before the show (Trav had to work, but I know he would have loved it), and we went up to PA where Janae was gracious enough to host our last minute excursion.  

Audrey did NOT want to leave her cousins to go to the show, I was surprised at how much of a fight she put up.  But when we got there, and she saw ALL of her favorite ice skaters up close (we got amazing seats!) her face was priceless!!!  

My favorite number of the night was the guys, it was funny, and cool, and so enjoyable to watch.  

Phoenix got a bit bored, but he still enjoyed the show.  Me and Audrey LOVED it!!!  I am so glad that we went!!  My only regret is that I didn't have time to make a "Meryl & Maks" sign (for my favorite DWTS couple).