Friday, May 23, 2014

Preschool Graduate!

Tis a sad day when your child graduates from Preschool.  Audrey had 1 wonderful year in preschool, and Phoenix has had 3 wonderful years in preschool.  We have had amazing teachers each year, and the kids have made friends and learned so much.  No offense to public school, but in our experience, it is downhill from preschool (we do have a lot of hope for Phoenix's kindergarten year though).

The graduates came out and sang a few songs for us. Phoenix had been practicing them for a few weeks at home.

This is him telling his teacher that he was "the best singer ever" (seriously).  Then we got to watch a slideshow of pictures taken thoughout the year, set to sweet songs while our little graduate robed up.

Miss Amy was an amazing teacher!  Both me and Phoenix will miss her!!

My photogenic little man has taken a turn for the goofy lately.  I am sad that the preschool era is over for now, it truly was so fun.  Phoenix is totally ready for Kindergarten though (HE thinks so anyway).