Friday, May 23, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg

We spent the night in Williamsburg, and we hit up Colonial Williamsburg the next day.  We didn't pay the $ to get into the cool exhibits, I don't think we needed to this time because there was so much to see for free (that said, next time we will be purchasing the tickets).  I am a bit of a (major) history nerd, so walking around in a historical town with characters/actors dressed up in historical clothes was kind of like a dream come true (the only thing off was my "modern" outfit...which will hopefully be remedied next visit).  I could have spent hours looking in the shops!  

We let the kids choose a souvenir, and thankfully they both chose the same thing...a small musket.

Phoenix spent the rest of the day "shooting" bad guys that were hiding in the trees, gutters, windows, and under porches.  I am so glad he was there to "save" us!

We hadn't been home for 5 minutes before Audrey put together a soldier outfit for herself and Phoenix!  She did an AWESOME job!!!  At one point Phoenix got both of his legs blown off, but luckily they grew back.  

All in all, we had a great time in Williamsburg!  We are looking forward to going back (hopefully in full costume) and seeing more sites!