Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day

A few days before Mother's Day, Travis let Audrey go to work with him.  She picked out her outfit herself (borrowing the polo and the shorts from Phoenix, and she cut out the Stomp logo from a flier and attached it to her shirt with tape...too cute for words, right?).  I had to share the picture of their day together.  Travis put her to work, she cleaned a lot of things and she helped with paper work.  He told her that he would pay her $1 for her work (classic low-ball), and she responded with "How about $5?", so they agreed on that.  She is such a cute and creative little girl!!!

And now to Mother's Day.  I love waffles, but there is a bit of a process to make them.  So I told Travis that I would love for him to make me waffles in the morning.  The night before I looked over the recipe and gave him additional tips to ensure a great outcome.  Fast forward to morning of, I woke up and got ready (I wasn't allowed downstairs because Travis and the kids were decorating).  Then it was time to make the waffles, so I went down to help (Travis had already made the batter).  Right away, I knew something was different...the batter was not light and fluffy.  I tried making a waffle anyway, how bad could it be?  I had forgotten to explain to Travis that self-rising flour is different than all-purpose flour (and in his defense, I switch between 4 different flours when baking, so it would have been impossible for him to identify the right kind of flour).  Long story short (and a few "Why does this taste so bad?"s from the kids), I remade the batter (with Travis observing), and we had a very delicious breakfast.  Travis got me some beautiful tulips, and Audrey made me a few bracelets, and Phoenix made me a bracelet also!  I loved showing them off at church.

This is a visual comparison of the "before and after" waffles.  

I definitely appreciated the effort, and now we have a fun story to remember.  :-)