Monday, May 12, 2014

A Surprise Trip to Disney World!

We surprised Audrey and Phoenix with a trip to Disney World!!  We didn't tell them until we were at the hotel.  Their reactions were...not what we expected.  Audrey yelled "You LIED to us!" and Phoenix started to cry and said "I don't want to go to Disney World!".  Talk about a let down!  We still managed to have a wonderful time.

I made the kids these costumes last time we went (2 years ago), Audrey refused to wear her Tinkerbell costume last time (I hand dyed the top and the leggings to be skin colored), but this time she was excited to wear it.  Phoenix wore a Lighting McQueen shirt under his Woody top. 

We had already been thinking about going to DW for this week, but when our Canadian friends (Chris and Laura) told us that they would be there that exact week, we HAD to go.  It had been about 5 years since we last saw them (in Hawaii).

Yes, these are pictures of the pictures that they took on the rides...I ain't paying no $15 to get them!  That said, I always enjoy looking at them.  Austin went on Space Mountain with me and Laura. 

Austin in exactly 6 days older than Audrey.  Me and Laura emailed each other all throughout our pregnancies, and Audrey and Austin were each other's first friends.  They rekindled their friendship surprising well, and were inseparable the entire time!  

We had a great time at Magic Kingdom!!  Phoenix cried before almost every ride, I am not sure what happened to him because last time HE was the one who wanted to go on everything!  During the rides he would be totally good though, so I didn't feel bad making him "have fun".