Friday, April 3, 2015

Trip to Chicago

A few weeks ago I realized that a trip to Chicago would work out well during Phoenix's track-out (time off during year round school).  I initially planned to drive the kids, but my sweet, wonderful husband insisted that we fly (which spared me two 15 hour drives!).  I am not sure how much longer Leah will be living in Chicago, and my sister Michelle is currently living in a suburb of Chicago, so it seemed like the perfect time to take advantage.  I decided not to tell the kids about the trip...surprises are fun.  That day, I told them that if they cleaned up their room and the basement that we could do something fun in the afternoon.  I had packed their suitcases the night before and put them in the trunk.  We went to Trav's office (which is conveniently located super close to the airport) and he hopped in.  When we started driving into the airport I told the kids that we were going to Chicago.  Their reactions for Disney World were kinda happy....their reactions for Chicago were shrieks and giggles!  It was sad to say bye to Trav, we all would have liked it if he could have come.  He is such a good man!  

It is a really short and easy flight to Chicago...usually less than two hours.  We got off the plane and Leah, Patrick, Michelle, and Kevin met us right outside the gate.  We each brought our own carryon with wheels, we had two boosters, and three backpacks.  I was secretly hoping that the men would volunteer to lighten our load...and they did!  We ate a delicious dinner at Palermos (our family's favorite Chicago pizza place) and had ice cream at Cupids (which is the brother to Dove).  

Leah's apartment is everything you think a city apartment should be: beautifully decorated, excellent view, fantastic location, and modern.  

Phoenix didn't waste any time in setting his planes up.   

View from her apartment...

Another reason that I wanted to visit sooner rather than later is that Leah got a pomskie (Pomeranian and Husky mix) and I wanted to see him when he was still small.  His name is Teddy Bear.  

His relationships with Audrey and Phoenix were different...and each was perfect.  With Audrey he was just content to be held and loved on as long as Audrey would do it.  With Phoenix he loved to play around and rough house.  He is such a sweet dog!