Friday, April 3, 2015

Chicago Summed Up

The main reason that Audrey has always wanted to go to Chicago is so that she can see The Bean.  Kinda funny...but its true.  We hit this up on Monday morning, and we can officially check The Bean off the list.  

We had a fantastic trip to Chicago!  The kids got the full city experience, which is exactly what I hoped for.  We rode on the train, in buses, and in a taxi.  We also walked to some locations.  On the last day we saw several "crazy people".  We ate amazing food: CPOG, Lou Malnati's, Palermos, Paris Club, Sprinkles, and my personal favorite, Firehouse Donuts.  Best. Donut. Ever.  It was so fun to see my sisters, we were only missing Joanna.  Leah was a wonderful host, her apartment was so nice, and we were never in want for anything!  

We rode the train to the airport, and Jess noticed that I forgot both booster seats.  Oops!  Luckily, Travis bought a replacement one for Audrey before we got back, and Phoenix has his 5 point harness.  Trav picked us up from the airport, but he had some work to finish at the office, so I drove the kids home.  When we got back, both kids went over to our couch and cried their little eyes out for a solid 30 minutes.  I asked them why they were crying and Phoenix said, "I just miss them so much!" and Audrey said, "Me too!".  Those little cuties!  It warms my heart that they have such close relationships with all of my sisters.  Travis tried to cheer them up when he got home but he was unsuccessful.  He asked them how Teddy was, and that brought on a new wave of tears.  This trip was everything I hoped it would be, and more.  


Wii are the Nelsons said...

Awesome! I miss LouMalnatis so much! Next time I'm back out there; I'll have to look up that donut place =)
Love the Bean photos!