Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Rest of the Trip

We ended our beach trip guessed it...another trip to the beach.  We keep life jackets on the kids whenever we are at the ocean.  While we still watch them like hawks, it is an extra safety precaution that helps us relax a little bit more.  

We got rained out after a few hours (as we knew we would) and then we hit up the aquarium.  This one was smaller than the one in Wilmington, but still enjoyable.  Of course Phoenix went crazy over the sting ray petting tank.  There was a smallish shark in there as well, which is what he is petting in the picture below.  I had to roll his short sleeves up eventually.  

I am pretty sure that he would have gotten in if he was allowed to.  

Every good beach trip ends with a nap for Phoenix on the ride home.  I am glad he still does this!