Friday, April 3, 2015

Phoenix Rides His Bike

Phoenix has been dying to ride his bike without training wheels, so on the first warm Sunday of the year, we took him over to a parking lot (the same one that Audrey learned in) and he gave it a go.  I am shocked at how fast both Audrey and Phoenix adapted to no training wheels!  They both spent a lot of time riding their bikes around with them, so that probably helped a lot.  

Phoenix's biggest problem in everything is that he doesn't slow down.  He had a few crashed because he took turns at full speed.  Nothing like a bump on your head to remind you that you need to slow down!  

We also got Phoenix some hockey roller blades recently.  He was giddy with excitement all week (he knew we were going to buy them on a Friday) and he told everyone he saw, "Guess what?  I am getting hockey roller-blades!"  He is very good at roller-skating, and he was ready to get some speed skates.  When we went to our roller rink after he got his blades, he immediately befriended a group of tween boys who were also wearing hockey blades.  At one point I saw them taking a group selfie, with Phoenix in the middle!  It was the cutest thing! I wish I had gotten a picture!  He always makes friends with the "fastest" kids, and he kept up with them!  I will have to get a good video of him soon!