Thursday, April 23, 2015


We had a low-key Easter weekend.  We relaxed, watched 4 sessions of conference, worked on projects, and ate some good food.  Travis finished an oil painting of the company logo for his office, Audrey sewed 2 rag dolls and some clothes for hers (she made one doll for her and one doll for Phoenix), and I made a pencil skirt for Audrey, and then I spent two sessions working on a dress for myself that when I held up to myself in the mirror I realized with horror that the fabric was super tacky.  And I had done such a good job sewing it!  Alas, I wouldn't even let the nine year old version of myself wear it, so it was time spent improving my skills...but nothing to show for it.  Phoenix played Legos.  We had an Easter egg hunt that night, it was dark, and the pictures are blurry, but it is was it is.  

We put candy and money into our eggs.  Audrey got more eggs, but Phoenix won the jackpot ($10).  It is a fun tradition.