Friday, April 3, 2015

Museum of Science and Industry

I had never been to this museum before.  It. Was. Huge!  So big that we barely made a dent in all that it had to offer.  We went here the day after The Field Museum, and both Leah and I were feeling pretty exhausted.  There was an actual submarine from World War II.  We learned the story of it, saw pictures of the capture crew, and the POW's.  ( it was a German submarine that was captured by the US, but the Germans thought it was destroyed).  

There was this submarine simulator that showed how it was for a submarine to go down.  A lot of resistance at first, and then it drops like a bullet.  The kids could control it, which was awesome.  

Michelle told us to make sure that we saw the baby chicks hatching...the kids loved it!!

There was this mini model of Chicago, the tall building in this picture is where Leah works.  Pretty cool!  

We got into both museums for free with our Marbles membership (we paid a little extra for a membership that would be nationwide).  We saved at least $150 between both museums!  This museum was really crowded, we went on a Friday at around midday.  There were field trip groups galore, but also a ton of families.  We took a break and bought some french fries and we must have been starving because I am still thinking about how good they were dipped in the ketchup!  It would be fun to hit this museum up again without the crowds and with more energy.