Friday, January 8, 2010

Top 5 Favorite Things I Love About Winter

5. Going to Church. Nothing wakes me up better than basically bare legs in 30 degree air.

4. Static Electricity. I LOVE getting shocked every time I touch a person, a light switch, a shopping cart...the list goes on. (I never noticed before this year, but if you get shocked in the dark you can actually see the spark.)

3. Perma-cold hands. My fingers are like icicles...100% of the time. It's great!

2. Never ever ever getting warm. It is mind boggling how many layers I can put on, and still be cold.

1. Dry Hands. Soft, moisturized hands are soo over rated. I mean, who doesn't want flaky skin that cracks and bleeds? Its awesome!

Oops! Did I say things I love about winter? I think I meant to say hate.


Wii are the Nelsons said...

=D I don't mind seeing static electricity in the dark though....I saw it lots last night

Kory said...

LOL! love it, i feel your pain. i'm thinking with the 58 degree weather this week i might break out my flip-flops!

Cherrie said...

This is pretty funny Rachel :P I hate winter as well. I don't mind it before Christmas and New Years but after that I'm like "where's the warm weather already?!"

Kristin said...

Oh I hear you. It's snowing outside right now. If I had the money, time and energy to invest into some type of winter activity (i.e. skiing, snow shoeing) I would probably enjoy this season more. But I dont' have any of those 3 things right now so winter is not on my favorite list. I am anxiously waiting the arrival of spring. Bring it on!!