Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Latest Dr Visit

Audrey has absolutely no problem going to the Dr's if it is for Phoenix. I would even go as far to say that she ENJOYS it.

Phoenix @ 6 months...

weight: 15 lbs (about 20th percentile)

height: 27 inches (about 75th percentile)

Exciting news...he started eating rice cereal last week (still isn't perfect, but after 2 months of trying to get him interested in it, I am happy!), and he finally started rolling over, and he can do it both ways. I am so proud of our little guy.

So back to the Doctor's...

Phoenix had to get 4 shots today, and Audrey had to get the flu mist (she already had it twice for the swine flu...and she didnt like it). The Dr. suggested that we do Audrey first because he thought that she might freak out after seeing Phoenix get his shots. I opted to have Phoenix to go first...Audrey was excited to see him get the shots (so cruel), and I knew that for her it didn't matter what order we did things in, she was going to have to be pinned down no matter what. So Phoenix got his shots and he screamed with every one, and Audrey, who had a front row seat, was laughing...loudly. The Dr. was surprised at her reaction, and so was I. Then it was her turn and her laughter quickly turned into crying. But, it was all over before she could say "ah-choo!"


Wii are the Nelsons said...

kinda funny =D
I just wanted to say I love your new family pictures and your header!

Kristin said...

She cracks me up.