Friday, January 22, 2010

Clean up on aisle 9

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with Audrey and Phoenix. I went to the Food Lion that has the shopping carts with cars attached to the front (for little kids to ride in). Pushing those beasts is a workout, but it is well worth it because Audrey is perfect when she gets to ride in them.

Yesterday was a more clumsy day on my part...everyone has those days, right? It started with honey roasted a glass jar. One of my many food weaknesses is honey roasted peanuts, and they happened to be on sale. So I picked them up and right before I put them in the cart, the jar slipped out of my hands and smashed on the floor. Audrey immediately said "Mommy, they will be mad at you! Are you worried?" I told her it would be OK and then I went to look for an employee, which I found quickly. I apologized for my clumsiness, and the mess was cleaned up in no time. For the rest of the trip Audrey kept asking if I was worried that they would be mad at me because I broke the peanuts.

Then I went to the ice cream section (another one of my weaknesses). It was buy one get one I had to choose two flavors (of course!). Cookies and cream, that is one of Trav's favorites. And then this caramel praline crunch, which I have been eyeing for months. As I took the caramel crunch out of the freezer, several containers of ice cream fell out after it. So I picked them up, and I started to wonder what was wrong with me.

I had the feeling I should get out of the store before anything else happened, so I made a quick stop at the baking aisle and got a few bags of flour.

Once I got to the register I started to unload the food, only to realize that one of the bags of flour had ripped open and spilled flour on most of my food. I tried to minimize the amount that got on the floor, but when I pushed the bus of a cart up I realized that there was a trail of flour behind my cart...I don't know how long it was, and I didn't want to find out.

After I was done paying I wiped the cart down with the sanitation wipes conveniently located at the front of the store, and got out of there.


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like that was quite the shopping trip!!!

Kristin said...

Man, what a day. Made for a good story though. Audrey is too cute.