Thursday, January 14, 2010


Audrey is not allowed to say s-t-u-p-i-d. And she always makes sure that no one else gets away with it either (even when it is in movies). When I was home in NY for Halloween, my little sister, Jo, dressed up as a death eater for Halloween. Her costume was really good, and she even had a wand. I, being the cool person that I am, was playing around with her wand and shouting out spells like expelliarmus, and stupify. When Audrey heard me say "stupify" she immediately gasped and said "we don't say that word!" (it does sound a lot like stupid). I told her that we can say stupify. Pretty much every day since then Audrey has asked me "we say stupify right?" just to make sure that it is still OK.

A few weeks after Halloween we had Janae and her family over, and Audrey and Brighton got into a fight (big surprise, I know). Audrey was yelling at him and she finished what she was saying with "STUPIFY!" So, she used the worst word that she knew she was actually allowed to say. Since then I have heard her say it multiple times in situations that she is angry in (usually involving Travis or Brighton). One time I went up to check on Audrey and Brighton (they were supposed to be sleeping in her room) and I heard them talking and all Audrey said was "stupify, stupify, stupify" over and over again.

Audrey definately keeps me laughing.


Kory said...

what a sassy girl you got there! reminds me of my own! :)

Kristin said...

That is hilarious. She is awesome. Smart too.