Thursday, January 14, 2010

Showing Off

Audrey loves having a baby brother...because there are so many things she can do that he can't, such as eating a lollipop. This morning she came into our room eating a lollipop. I was holding Phoenix, and he showed some interest in it. Audrey immediately told him that he couldn't have it. Then she told him that it was a formeela (formula) flavored lollipop so that it would sound even more tempting to him. I had to give her credit for that one, not many people would think of making a formula flavored lollipop.

Audrey followed up her lollipop tempations with scary stories of the smoke detector going on at night, her glow worm turning on at night, and one of her letter games turning on at night (she really doesn't like having her toys that make noises being in her room at night time).

I really wonder how their relationship will be as Phoenix gets older, either he will think she is the coolest person in the world, or he will not want to put up with her. Either way, it should be interesting.