Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day 2010

It snowed last night, and when it snows here in Raleigh everything shuts down. Our church is even cancelled tomorrow (which worked out rather well due to the fact that me and Travis were supposed to give talks...they are rescheduled for Feb 21st).

Before we went to sleep last night Travis opened the door to find a thin white carpet covering everything. Audrey was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. She started making plans...snowmen, sledding, eating the snow...I am surprised she went to sleep so easily after that.

Most mornings Audrey and Phoenix tag team. As soon as I get Phoenix back to bed (he wakes up around 7:30 and half the time he will go back to sleep), Audrey will wake up. Not today. Phoenix went right back to sleep, and at almost 10:30 I woke up and realized that our kids had both finally let us sleep in. It was great. We had a delish breakfast and then we had to get all of our winter clothes out of storage (I know what you are has been winter for a few months! Well, this irrational side of me was hoping that if I never took my winter stuff out of storage perhaps the harsh weather would never come. Year after year I am proven wrong, but a girl can dream can't she?). 2 hours later we were ready to go outside. As I was getting dressed Travis revealed to me that he was always surprised at how unstylish my outdoor winter clothes are. I laughed. I have had the same snow pants (with elastic at the bottom) since at least 8th grade. Apparently they don't do much for my caboose. Audrey wore a pair of my old cheerleading warm up pants. Travis was worried that the neighbors would see her. Since when does Travis care more about fashion than me?!? Travis must have swallowed his pride because he did go outside with his unstylish wife and daughter. Phoenix looked as cute as a button.

Eating the snow was the first thing Audrey did. She was actually licking it off the ground after we went back inside.


Leah said...

wow i cant believe you even thought to put those pants on audrey! haha i bought a new pair of snow pants this year cuz i didnt think i could bring myself to wear the elastic ones!!