Thursday, January 28, 2010

Science Museum

I took Audrey to the science museum in Raleigh last week. The last time we had been there was over a year ago, but Audrey still remembered the Dinosaurs.

We spent at least half the time in the Dinosaur room. Audrey just started at them.

There was a play room for kids with costumes...which Audrey loved. This possum costume came with a few "babies" in the pouch.

There was a butterfly was really cool. Audrey tried to get one to land on her.

We also attended a "Meet the Animals" class. The museum worker taught us about rodents and she showed us live examples of them. I learned that rats are much smarter than mice. At the end of the class a lady was asking details about the care for a pet rat. I shutter at the thought...


piaget1998 said...

Is that the museum that we went to when I was there in Aug 2008? LOL, that possum costum is sooo cute!