Saturday, February 21, 2009

Potty Mouth

Warning! This post talks about constipation.

Over that last week me and Audrey have been working on her potty training. And yes, we have had some success, and no, she is not totally trained yet. Anyway, yesterday Audrey spent about 5 hours on her potty trying to work "something" out. I thought maybe she was just scared to go poo in the toilet so I let her wear her diaper to help her feel more comfortable. She went down for her nap, still no poo. So I told her to grunt (with the hopes that when she would grunt her stomach muscles would be able to...squeeze "it" out). She grunted, and grunted and nothing came out. So, we went out to eat dinner. During the meal Audrey kept complaining that her stomach hurt. She also passed gas several (OK, it was more than several) times, and when she would she yelled loudly "I farted" and then she would laugh. Then she started to grunt loudly (aka at a screaming volume) and say "I'm pushing poop out!" Yes, people were staring. Yes, me and Travis ate our food as fast as possible. No, it did not come out!

A few hours and cups of prune juice later, Audrey was able to go to sleep comfortably.

Moral of the story: Don't take your constipated kids out in public!


Travis said...

Audrey gets her potty mouth from her mother.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that Audrey said that! lol her uncles would be so proud!

Leah said...

omg.... talk about embarrassing moments. that is awesome!

haha jess your so right. her uncles may be the only ones to be proud of that!

and travis, audrey gets her constipation from her father haha