Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Day at Disneyland

We went to California Adventure on the first day.  Both kids had their outfits planned out for a while, especially Audrey.

Toy Story Mania is an awesome ride!!  All of us loved it (and we are a diverse group, so that is saying a lot).

The main reason for going to Disneyland was for Phoenix to go to CARS land while he was still young enough to be excited about it.  It was really fun, the main ride was SO awesome!!!

I went on Tower of Terror at Disney World, and I did not think it was bad (perhaps because I had psyched myself out a bit beforehand and it was nothing compared to what I feared...and it was really fun with the creepy ambiance).  I had no hesitations about bringing my kids on the ride.  Phoenix started to cry significantly enough that I took him out before we hit the ride.  We waited in the store and about 10 minutes later Leah, Jess, and Audrey came out.  One of them was crying, and it wasn't my sisters.  I kept wondering if I was completely off my rocker to send my 8 year old daughter on the ride, but then when me and Leah went on it we saw a Mom with a 4 year old and a 6 year old, and they both loved it.  So that made me feel a little bit less like the worst Mom ever (because some kids like it...just not I wasn't totally crazy).  Me and Leah LOVED California Screamin.  It was a really fun day and lots of memories were made.