Sunday, November 2, 2014

Great Wolf Lodge

We have been wanting to take our kids to Great Wolf Lodge for almost two years now, and we finally made it happen last weekend.  We told the kids that we were going on a drive.  They complained once in a while, and were a bit annoyed. And then we got to GWL and they forgot all of that.  I checked in, dumped our stuff in our cool room, got our suits on and hit the waterpark.  I wore a full wet suit, I was a little worried that I would feel out of place, but I was SO warm and comfortable that I didn't care what anyone else thought.  I get extremely cold very quickly in cooler (as in under 95 degrees) water, and there is no way I would have enjoyed myself without my wet suit.  So if you are on the fence, and have cold-water issues like myself, bring your wet suit.  For most people, 82-84 degrees is fine.  

When we first got there, the kids got these headbands.  They wore them every second that they weren't in the water.    

It took a little persuading to get the kids to go on the water slides, but they did, and they loved them!  We didn't have quite enough time there (we got there late in the afternoon, and left close to 11 the next day).  Next time we will get there earlier.  I already want to go back!

After GWL, we hit up the new American Girl store in Charlotte.  It was my first time being in one.  Life changing.  I was touching something on display and I turned around and jumped because an employee was looking at me.  She told me it was OK to with the items.  And play I did.  Even Travis is impressed with the quality of the stuff.  If an AG store opened up in Raleigh, I think I would HAVE to work there.