Sunday, November 2, 2014

2nd Day at Disneyland

We went to Disneyland the second day.  Phoenix is not a thrill seeker (that is a nice way of saying "the kid basically cried for two straight days at the parks").  I never would have noticed that a lot of the rides have a creepy edge to them.  Ursala is scary, the witch in Snow White is creepy, etc.  We were going on a ride, I think it was Mr. Toad, and Phoenix asked (through tears) if there would be dragons or hot lava on the ride.  Because that was completely ridiculous I said confidently that there wouldn't be any hot lava or dragons on the ride.  Luckily, the way Phoenix rides on rides is that he gets really close to me and I cover his eyes and ears.  Luckily because at the end of the ride there was not only hot lava, but also a dragon.  It makes me laugh at the coincidence.  Audrey was a better sport and tried out Thunder Mountain with Leah.  She LOVED it!!  I think she liked feeling like a big kid riding a roller coaster.  I took Phoenix on it once, and he was OK, but he cried the whole time in line.  It gets exhausting trying to force your kids to have fun.  

Phoenix got to go on It's a Small World at the end of the night, and he LOVED it!!  It was his favorite ride at Disney World, and it was definitely his favorite ride here.  He also really enjoyed watching the parade.  Leah took Audrey on Thunder Mountain a few more times.  It was nice for me and Leah to have Audrey there because we could take turns going on the bigger rides with her, while the other one would take Phoenix on the lame kiddie rides.  My favorite ride on this day was Indiana was really awesome.  I would have loved to ride it several times.  Audrey and Leah both loved it as well.