Sunday, November 2, 2014

PA Trip

One of the benefits of living in driving distance of family is that you can make frequent visits.  My newest niece, Emerson, had her baby blessing in September.  Lucky for us, John and Heather and baby Claire were in Pennsylvania visiting.  

I was the one who was playing paparazzi to this little cutie!

Zoey is a special friend of mine, she may be a full grown boxer, but to me she is a lap dog.  Me and this lady love to cuddle.  We are both always so happy to see each other.  

Janae and Jared took us to this charming pumpkin farm. It was great fun for all of us.  

There was a hayride where literally 100% of the riders got bushwacked.  I was laughing the whole time because it was so funny.  I also ducked my head down the whole time.  

Janae has the most beautiful flowers in her garden!! 

Jared was generous enough to let Travis take our kids on a ride.

Addie has quite the artist set up! How picturesque is this?

We had a nonexistant very small yard, and our kids pretty much can't play in it at all.  So when we go to Janae's house they are in heaven with all of the space to run free and play.  Jared made an impromptu fire pit, we had amazing grilled pizza around the fire, John played songs on the guitar.  It was a perfect night!!  We also celebrated Addison's 6th birthday.  She requested an ice cream cake with white cake, cookies and cream ice cream, and strawberry frosting.  It sounds weird, but it was so good!  But then again, everything that Janae makes is SO good!

I followed this happy little girl around for a while.  Aren't her dimples just darling??

Here is a picture of all the cousins after Emerson's baby blessing.  I love how perfectly imperfect it is.  

Here is my beautiful sister in law with her precious kiddos.  

After the blessing Travis, Jared, Heather and John went to a Baltimore Ravens game where John's brother was being honored.  Travis and Jared had an awesome time at the game.  Me and Janae held down the fort with the kiddos.  I got oodles of time to play with Claire, she is such a sweetie!!  I also got some Emerson snuggles in.  It was pretty much auntie (pronounce awntie...not antie) heaven.  


janae said...

It was a good time wasn't it! I loved the fire pit too.