Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Haunted Halloween

I told everyone this year that if they wore the Mary Poppins costumes to the two parties that we went to, they could choose what to be on Halloween (I know, so generous of me, right?).  After my unsuccessful attempts to get Phoenix to be a tiger and Audrey to be a revolutionary soldier (even I will admit, it was a lame idea, but the costume was ready to go), I relented and Phoenix got to be a zombie and Audrey got to be a vampire.  I whipped Audrey's vampire costume up quickly (yay for no major drawbacks!), and she was SO happy with how it came out!  When I did Phoenix's makeup, I wouldn't let him peek until it was done.  It was his idea to have the blood coming out of is eye.  When he looked in the mirror he didn't say anything, so I asked him if he liked it.  He said, "I LOVE it!"

In case you can't tell, the kids had a lot of fun with their little photo shoot!  Audrey helped pick out the material for her dress, and she found the owl pin herself.  She was SO happy with her outfit and her makeup.  I am kinda jealous of her costume, especially the cape.  I think we should bring capes back!  Who's with me?  Anybody?  

I refused to buy fangs for Audrey because they never stay in, but she was SO excited when she got a pair of fangs from our friend.  

Nothing weird going on here...just some skeletons eating dinner outside, by candlelight.   

Meet my husband.  You may have seen him on America's Most Wanted.  He looks creepy, but trust me, he's harmless.  

I threw together my old zombie cheerleader look.  By this point, a lot of our makeup had worn off. 

This was my most favorite Halloween yet.  We had fun/cute family costumes, and then we got to go all scary for Halloween.  The best of both worlds.  I really love doing creepy makeup, and I learned a few new tips this year.  We will be eating candy all day every day, until it's gone!


Wii are the Nelsons said...

They did awesome getting into character!