Thursday, October 2, 2014

California: Part 3

Here are a few cute pictures from our stay with Jessie...

I love this one of the two girls looking at each other!

These pictures are from the airport.  Me and my kids, Jess, and Leah flew to San Diego.  Brett got some one-on-one time with Alexis for a few days.  

When we got onto the plane, me, Jess, and Audrey sat in a row, and Leah and Phoenix took the row in front of us.  Phoenix was talking a mile a minute about anything and everything.  Me and Jess laughed when a young guy sat down next to Phoenix because Phoenix wouldn't stop talking.  When we got off the plane, Leah told us that Phoenix had pointed to the guy's earrings and said something like "Why is he wearing earrings?  Earrings are for girls!"  and the guy was wearing a tank top and Phoenix saw his armpit hair and he pointed at it and said that his Daddy has armpit hair also.  Leah said that the guy was busy rocking out to his music with his big earphones on the whole time, so he may not have heard anything that Phoenix said.