Thursday, October 2, 2014

California Trip: Part 2

Alexis loves being read to, and Audrey really enjoyed reading books to her.  It was so cute to see!  There was one morning that Alexis was being clingy to Jess, so I took her upstairs so that Jess could eat her breakfast, and Alexis was not too happy with me.  After a few minutes of literally trying everything I could to cheer her up, Phoenix walked in, and she immediately calmed down.  Then Audrey came in, and Alexis sat happily between her cousins while I read books to them.  Another time, Alexis bumped her head on the wall and she was crying.  Jess was holding her, and then Audrey picked her up and Alexis immediately calmed down.  The more I see our kids interacting with their cousins, the more I believe that they can innately feel a strong bond with each other.  It is incredible!

We got to go to Train Town, which was this cute little place geared towards kids.  

Brett is an awesome brother-in-law.  He is hilarious, and he is a great father and husband to Alexis and Jess.  I loved visiting them. 

There was this little roller coaster (emphasis on little) and Jess and Leah took the kids on it while I watched.  Both Jess and Leah were laughing so I thought they were having fun.  Then I went on it, and I realized they had been laughing because it was so jerky and uncomfortable that you had to laugh.