Sunday, November 2, 2014

Alamance Battleground

One of the benefits of homeschool is that your field trips are WAY better than the public school ones (at least the ones that our school goes on).  We went to a historic site where they put on an event for a week each year.  There are tons of people dressed up in colonial clothes, and they are a wealth of knowledge.  I hope to be one of those people when me and Travis retire...preferably at a Little House site.  We went with the LDS homeschoolers group and it was so fun to reconnect with friends.  

The colonists used EVERY material that they could.  They carried gunpowder in the horns.  

We got some candy at the end, and Audrey's tongue was the reddest tongue I had ever seen.  Audrey reconnected with a girl that she was friends with when she was 3.  It took them about 10 minutes to decide that they were best friends again.