Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turtle the Turtle

Travis was working on Friday and he found a turtle in one of his customer's lawns. Naturally, being the boy that he is, he picked up the turtle and put it in the truck bed for the remainder of the day. He called me to let me know that he was bringing a turtle home, and then I told Audrey. I asked her what we should name the turtle and she said "his name is turtle". So, the turtle was named Turtle.
After a night and a day of not being able to figure out what kind of turtle it was (meaning we couldn't feed it anything) and hearing it scratch at the cardboard box I suggested to Travis that he should consider letting the turtle go. I am not a pet person, and I especially think it is sad when an innocent animal is plucked from the wild and placed in a home. After hours (no joke) of going back and forth with his decision Travis decided to keep it. It was not what I had been hoping for.
I went to bed before him and the next morning Travis told me that he ended up letting it go. I had prepared Audrey for it the night before (she knew that the turtle was going back to his home) and she took the news very well.
So now you know the story of Turtle the turtle.


Joanna said...

that's really funny!! haha.