Tuesday, April 7, 2009


On Saturday night Travis decided to play a computer game, which meant I had to find something to do on my own. So, I did what any respectable young lady would do in my situation. I cut my hair, and added some layers.

Through my years of trial and error with hair dressers I have arrived at several conclusions (based soley on my personal experience):

  • Leave the highlighting to the professionals
  • Just because you pay more moola for a haircut does not guarantee that it will be worth it
  • Men are better at cutting hair, especially in the layering department (once again, based on my personal experience)
  • Don't ask for someone to cut you long bangs...they usually just take a chunck of hair in front and cut it shorter.
  • I am happier with the haircuts I give myself than ones I get from paid professionals (with the exception of two male hair dressers)
  • Men do not style hair as well as women (straightening, etc.)
  • Watching makeover shows really can help with your own hair cutting skills.
  • Longer hair is easier to cut yourself than shorter hair (meaning if you have short hair, you may want to leave the cutting to someone else).

So, if you are usually unsatisfied with haircuts that you get, or maybe just bored, consider teaching yourself how to do it. It is a good way to save $100+ per year.


WiggleWorm said...

I gave myself a little haircut last week too.

Tatum said...

You forgot to post a picture!

I cut my hair myself in 9th grade and HAD to wear it up for like 4 months. I should of just told my mom and had her take me to get it fixed but I was so embarrassed because I wasn't 4 I was 14! I haven't done it since. So scared. I do not trust myself. I think I would enjoy it too much and hack it till it was all gone.

Kudos to you! You're so stink'n cute!