Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I like your belly fat..." what Audrey said to me. I am pretty sure that she meant "I like your fat belly". Either way, fat and belly are in the same sentence together. Audrey knows that her baby brother is inside my "fat belly", and she is very excited to meet him. She will usually change who her best friend is depending on who she is around, and who she is mad at, but her default best friend is Phoenix (her baby brother). I never even told her to say that, she already loves him. I know she will be a great (and sometimes bossy) big sister.
Here are a few pictures with my "fat belly"


Sarah Newsom said...

You look beautiful with your belly, also congrats on your anniversary!You guys are soo cute.

Kory said...

your belly is so cute!

i love being pregnant, but HATE having my body on display, especially some of the comments that come along with it. but our babes are totally worth it!