Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis!

Yesterday marked the 28th anniversary of my sweety's entrance into this world. He had to work for most of the day, but we had fun when he came home. We got pizza from our new favorite pizza place (no, not Little Caesars), and then we went home to have cake and ice cream. Audrey practiced singing 'Happy Birthday' to Travis all day.

I was at Party City getting a few ballons to decorate with, and I heard Audrey laughing out loud. I looked to see what it was, and it was this card. I had to get it for Travis. Audrey colored on the inside to make it special.

Lately Audrey has been very aggressive about helping me (sometimes too aggressive). Putting the spinkles on the cake was the perfect job for her to help out with.

She also had to taste the make sure it was good. You never know with chocolate and sugar.

The Lindt Truffles are seriously Trav's favorite candy. He always buys them for me but ends up eating almost all of them himself.

Travis is such a sweet guy. He always helps me out with whatever I ask him to do. He works so hard to support our family. He is so motivated and he works really hard to make his dreams come true. He is the most loving husband and father. The best decision I ever made was to marry him. Audrey always cries when he leaves for work, and she always screams with delight when he comes home (so do I).


Kory said...

happy birthday! looks like everyone enjoyed it!

Nick and Jen said...

Cute card and fun party! Happy Birthday Travis! Audrey is so cute!