Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

sorry about the lame title, I couldn't resist!

We had a grreat Easter yesterday. Me and Trav were really excited this year because Audrey totally knew what was going on (Easter Bunny). The first thing she said when Travis woke her up (on Sunday mornings he actually has to wake her up) was "The Easter Bunny came!" We had a jellybean trail from her room to downstairs where her Easter basket was waiting for her. She loved it of course.

I really wanted to get Audrey a hat and gloves to wear to church, this year she didn't take a great interest in them (perhaps it was the candy that overshadowed the accessories). I will try again next year though.

Travis always insists on wearing a white shirt to church, he made an exception yesterday though. I told him he had to wear this shirt because me and Audrey were both wearing dresses with purple, and he surprisingly did not put up a fight. He looked soo handsome!Janae and her family came over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. We had ham, which next to bacon is my favorite meat. :-) Trav did a great job cooking it (I couldn't look at it because it looked like a pig's butt).

Audrey and Brighton had so much fun looking for Easter eggs. They were both running around as fast as they could.

Last night Travis told me that I have to stop giving Audrey so much candy. It was weird to be the one receiving instructions rather than giving them.


Kory said...

i have to tell my husband all the time to stop giving CJ so much candy!

i LOVE ham too! had leftovers for lunch today - yummy!

Sarah Newsom said...

YAY for Easter.. you all look great in your Easter outfits. Looks like you had so much fun. I love Easter.
PS: I cant wait to make those blueberry muffins.

Nick and Jen said...

You all look great! Glad you had a great Easter. I love that Brighton and Audrey are so close and play all the time together!