Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Duke Gardens

On Sunday we went to the Duke Gardens with Janae (Trav's sister) and her family. They were gorgeous, and there was so much to look at.
When we first got there, we noticed that there were some plaques in front of certain flowers with the date of when they were planted, along with the name of who planted them. While I was looking at those I glanced over to the kids (Audrey and Brighton) Audrey had a tulip in her hands (bulb and all) and Brighton was in the process of getting his own. I quickly replanted the tulip and we hurried away.

Well, at least Travis is looking at the camera!

Audrey and Brighton both got their own sticks to splash water. Occasionaly one of them would drop their stick in the water, and then reach for it. Luckily, neither one fell in, but there were some close calls.

If you are in town, and enjoy nature, definately go to the Duke Gardens. If I went to school at Duke (yes, I am aware that I would never get in, I said "if") I would probably skip all of my classes and walk around the gardens instead.


Kristin said...

Never been there--I haven't checked your blog in so long. I am so sorry. Loved getting caught up today on your sweet Audrey and you and travis. Love you.