Thursday, February 26, 2015

Valentines Day

When we were in California in September, Phoenix confessed that he "fell in love with someone".  We (myself, Leah, Audrey and Phoenix) were in our hotel room after a full day, and Phoenix was sitting on a chair, eating popcorn from Target, and very casually said, "I just fell in love with someone", with a sigh.  I think we (us girls) laughed for about 5 minutes straight.  Poor little bud.  Eventually we got the deets, her name is Calliegh, and she is in his church class and his school class.  And she "wears pretty clothes and has pretty hair".  So Phoenix totally considers her to be his girlfriend.  I asked him if he had any plans for Calleigh for Valentines and he said that he wanted to bring her pink flowers.  He must have talked to her at school, because she informed him that she likes blue flowers better.  So, we tracked down some hydrangeas, and Phoenix picked out "cool clothes".  Audrey really wanted him to wear his suit, with his hair slicked back, but he was very determined to look cool.  When we were in line to buy the flowers Phoenix was holding them and there was a little boy in front of him holding white hydrangeas, and Phoenix said "I am getting these for my girlfriend, are you getting those for your girlfriend?"  The boy either didn't hear Phoenix, or ignored him.  

I didn't want to be an over-invasive Mom, so I didn't bring my camera to film the event (we did snap a few photos on Trav's phone), but I can tell you that Calleigh was so excited when she opened her door  that she started jumping up and down.  Phoenix told her "Happy Valentines Day", they hugged, and that was it.  The next day in church Calleigh's Mom informed me that Calleigh is already planning their wedding.  She was also very impressed that Phoenix knew to get her blue flowers.  


Heather Macbeth said...

Aaaaand I'm dying. Phoenix is a crack up. And he has also told me about how Calleigh is his girlfriend. She's a lucky lady.