Friday, February 20, 2015

Christmas Sum Up

It had been a few years since we went to NY for Christmas, and this year it just seemed like it was especially fun.  My Dad was in the kitchen almost all day every day.  He made more batches of fudge than I can count (and we all eagerly pounced on it), he made at least 2 meals every day, and tons of Christmas treats.  It was such a generous way to show his love, and it was greatly appreciated.  We went out for ice cream at Friendly's (and we had the same server that I had frequently when I was in high school...I don't think he has aged at all), we played a game at the church gym with pipes and nerf darts, we went bowling, and we hit up Skate Estate twice, and most of us adults went to see a late night showing of the newest Hobbit movie.  I felt like it was nonstop fun, and when we pulled out of the driveway to head back to NC...lets just say that I was really sad.  I feel whole when I am around family, like we should always be together.  Having your family spread out all across the country is rough, but maybe it helps your appreciate the time that you do have together more.