Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We have been long overdue for a couples trip, and my 30th birthday was the perfect time to get away.  I have wanted to go to Universal Studios to check out all the Harry Potter stuff for years now, and I wanted to be able to ride any ride I want freely ( kids allowed).  We went with our friends, April and Bill, and we met up with Leah and Patrick in Orlando.  

April made me this bag for my birthday...I squealed when I saw it.  I fully agree with what it says!    

You have gotta dress the part when you go!

Check out how the conductor is photo-bombing us!  

This is one of my favorite pictures - so many fun memories, and there is no logical reason that 5 full grown adults squeezed into a teacup, but we did, and it was so fun!  

The dragon blows fire every once in a while.  Crazy cool!

Weird picture (thanks Trav), but I believe this is the actual car from the movie...I may be mistaken.

So, was Universal everything that I hoped and dreamed it would be?  All that and more!!  I honestly am still in awe with how well they did everything.  It was an experience that every Harry Potter fan needs to experience.  The rides were awesome, the attention to detail was incredible, and I really felt like we walked into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Me and Trav got selected to pick out wands at Ollivander's (I think it is because we dressed up), it was awesome and a dream come true.  I want to go back!!  We had so much fun with our little group, we made tons of unforgettable memories, and we have a few inside jokes now.  Oh, and for the record, the girls totally out-rode the guys!