Friday, February 20, 2015

New York

Less than a week after we came back from our trip, we (myself and the kids) went up to NY.  

The kids made the most out of the snow that was left from the last snow storm.  

Alexis got to NY the day after we did.  It was so cute to see her playing with Audrey and Phoenix.  She loved chasing them around the house, and she would giggle the whole time.  It was adorable!  Twinkle, our Christmas elf, brought the kids these elf pajamas.  I think Audrey was the most excited.  She loves to play "elves" during the Christmas season, and now she has a perfect outfit!

Michelle and Kevin spearheaded the gingerbread house making.  The kids were so glad that they got to make their own.  

We visited a victorian mansion that is open for tours.  I found out that they have a masquerade ball every New Year Eve.  I was devastated disappointed that I didn't know about it ahead of time.  

They have a train set with a mini set up of all of the downtowns close by.  Elk's bakery was the best, but they sadly are no longer in business.  

A vintage elf on the shelf!  Who knew??  I love visiting old, grand houses.  Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era...and then I think about things like modern medicine, the internet, and hair dryers.