Wednesday, February 18, 2015


After two days at Universal, our cruise was next.  We went on a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas.  

It was the craziest thing, and probably not obvious in this picture, but we could see a rain storm and we weren't in it.  

This picture is so funny, Bill and his beloved soda cup in the sunset.

This picture was taken 15 minutes before his snorkel broke, and 30 minutes before he lost his goggles to a wave.  

Looking back, we all wish we would have done an excursion in Nassau, but we did have a fun beach day.  

Hands down, our favorite day was when we went to Royal Caribbean's private island, it was so relaxing, so peaceful, and so fun.  We all went snorkeling.  I found a conch shell in tact, and I went to the bottom to pick it up, and sadly, there was something living in it.  

Someone from our ship made this.

We had a super fun time on the cruise.  I realized once we were on the ship that I booked us the least desirable room on the ship that a passenger could get.  It was on the lowest passenger deck, no window, and at the very front of the ship.  And it was totally great!  The food was edible, and the entertainment was pretty good for the most part.  The low light was when the stand-up comedian asked the audience to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider (while looking at his watch, no doubt trying to kill time).  I am so glad that we went with friends, it made everything funner.  

We had such a fun trip, it felt like 2 trips in one.  We are so grateful that Trav's mom could take care of the kids, the kids told me that they had more fun with Grandma than we did on our trip.