Monday, November 18, 2013

the RED concert

I am a BIG T-Swift fan!  I pretty much love all of her songs, she is truly talented, and she has amazing style.  We went to her Speak Now concert, and it was so awesome that I knew I needed to go again.  I made plans to go with my friend, April, and what seems like forever ago, I bought our tickets.  It was a very stressful morning.  I was on ticket master the second that it opened up for us to buy tickets, but I could not get anything!!  I eventually had to try other options, including different cities.  Eventually I found us some upgraded tickets that came with $100 worth of merchandise.  I wasn't thrilled about pay the extra dough, but I was relieved that I could get the tickets.  It turned out to be an awesome "mistake" because our seats were amazing!!  It is the first concert that I went to that I could watch the singer in person, and not on a huge screen!  Next time I will definitely splurge again!  

I know, I know, my pictures are...rough, but I still love looking at them!  How refreshing is it to have a young 20 something female artist who does not resort to nudity and vulgar dancing to sell her stuff (cough cough)?  Taylor is truly classy.  Every song was amazing, and she did a cute do-op version of 'You Belong With Me'.  I was not necessarily looking forward to Trouble, because I heard it on the radio about 1,000 times, but it was probably my favorite song of the night!  There was a hauntingly beautiful violin solo in the beginning, and the haunted tone continued on throughout the whole song.  It was AWESOME!!  I am totally going to buy the concert DVD!  I cannot wait until her next concert!!!