Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween 2013

I got the idea to have us dress us as Alice and Wonderland characters almost a year ago.  Naturally, I did nothing about that idea until about a week before Halloween (I was fairly busy in the last two months).  I have wanted to make clothing of some sort as a challenge for myself, and making Audrey's costume was the perfect excuse.  It turned out exactly how I was hoping it would.  For Phoenix, it worked out that a lot of his costume was straight out of his closet.  I made the simple yellow vest, and his bow tie.  That bow tie came together about an hour before the party, talk about crunch time!

We hit off our Halloween festivities with the Marbles party.  It was even better this year!!  

The original plan was for me to be the queen of hearts, and for Travis to be the mad hatter, but those were two costumes that needed a lot more time.  Spur of the moment I decided to be a lazy Cheshire cat (do you see my cat ears??), and when Travis saw that I was (kinda) dressed up, he felt left I hastily put together a card shirt for him.  Better than nothing, right?

A few days after the Marbles party, we went to a friends house for a little kid party.  Audrey was tracked out, so she could come!

I ordered the bunny ears off of amazon, much better than a headband!

This was honestly the best group joke!

We went trick-or-treating with our friends in their neighborhood.  The kids were so happy to be with each other!  

Audrey and Mazie loved that their dresses were the exact reverse of each other!

When the night was over, I took a pumpkin filled with candy and breathed in the delicious smell of Halloween candy.  It took me right back to my childhood.