Monday, November 18, 2013

the Fair!

I feel like it has been a few years since we hit up the state fair...but we made sure to go this year.  We ate food, looked at (smelly) animals, and rode on a few rides, and left about $100 poorer, and a few lbs heavier.  

This girl loves corn dogs.  Hot dogs are OK, but corn dogs are where it is at.  Travis got disgusting hamburger, and me and Phoenix ate some fries.  I always have to get a deep fried Milky Way, and we shared that...greasy food makes me sick, so I have to be sparing.  

We let the kids choose 3 rides to go on.  Audrey was too scared to go on "the roller coaster" so I took one for the team and rode with Phoenix (I was secretly glad that I could go on it).

For 2 out of the 3 rides the kids chose to go down a slide.  A SLIDE?!?!?  You know, the things that literally EVERY playground has...for FREE!  To each their own....

This was Audrey's choice, and she loved it!  I have overheard her telling almost everyone that she comes in contact with about this ride!  

The fair was fun, but I decided that I really only care about going on next year, we may leave the kiddos behind (a slide aint no ride!).