Monday, November 18, 2013

Andrew Family Visit

Almost everyone from Travis's family came out to NC to visit us a few weeks ago.  We got to meet little miss Claire!!  Only 3 months old!  She reminded me so much of Audrey, so sweet, good natured, and a really good sleeper. 

Grandma brought a bunch of fun things for the kids to play with, including this foam stuff.  It is fun!  Audrey made her and Uncle John holding hands (I think she still has a crush on him ;-) ), her and John had fun for quite a while making different things.

Travis walked by his parents room and noticed that Claire and Grandma were both taking naps!  SO cute!!

Jeff (aka Grampa) turned 60 on October 10th, but none of us were there to celebrate, so we had a little celebration.  

I love this picture with the grandparents and all of their grandchildren!  So precious!

I laugh every time I see this picture!  Claire's face is priceless!!

The week was non-stop fun!  We hit up the Pumpkin Farm (more pictures to come), the science museum, Ender's Game (very good by the way), and we got to go go-karting.  We also played games almost every night.  Seeing almost all of Travis's family and almost all of my family within the last month really makes me wish that we lived closer to ALL of them.  Both me and Travis were blessed to grow up with very loving and devoted parents, and now we have very fun families to get together with.  I feel like I have been on a "high" from getting to see so much family, I miss them all.