Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Wedding Day!

Michelle and Kevin got married in the Palmyra temple, which is where me and Jess got married also.  The ceremony was short and sweet, and perfect.  

As soon as Michelle walked out Phoenix ran up to her and pretended to be a dog (sometimes he spends more time as a dog than as a boy), it was so cute!!

I saw Phoenix going to pick a flower on the temple grounds and I told him to stop.  Then he said "I wanted to pick it for you Mommy!" so then of course I let him (it's justified, right?), and he gave it to Leah.  He picked a few flowers for me later on.  Sweet boy.

Oh how I love my sisters!

My brother Ben couldn't make it to the wedding.  Phoenix kept asking "where is uncle Ben?" 

At one point I couldn't find Phoenix, and then after searching for him all around the temple, we found him with Sam.  What a good uncle!

How hilarious is this picture??

Audrey has been in 3 bouquet tossings.  She has got the flowers every time.  The girl has a gift.  

Michelle looked so beautiful, and I really like her new husband.  I am hoping to visit her in the next 6 months!  We had such a fun trip.  Michelle is moving to Canada, and Joanna will be in Japan for the next year and a half on a mission for our church.  I am tearing up just typing these words.  I love my sisters so much, and I really miss them.


Kory said...

so sweet! i hope that my girls stay as close as you are with your sisters. that's my one wish for them, that they always have and take care of each other.

what a beautiful family picture!