Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Farm in NY

I wanted to take the kids to the pumpkin farm in NY.  It was much different than our pumpkin farm, but after the kids realized that and adjusted, they had a great time.

Who knew that mini donkeys existed???  SO cute!

One of the things that they do is make pumpkin people, they had tons of different scenes like this.  I was drooling over all of the vintage furniture that I saw.

Joanna is the shortest sister, coming in at 5'2"...I still call her baby Jo.  

4 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and broke his head...

The kids could pay money for a measly portion of goat food and then put it in a can and pull it up to the goats.  They had so much fun doing it!!

The bees were bad, Leah has a severe fear of bees and lost her boyfriend's cider slushy when running away from a bee.  There was this random cup of cider that had bees floating (dead).

Leah and her boyfriend Patrick.

When asked how the pumpkin farm was, I responded that it was funner when I was in second grade...and it was.