Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New York

My little sister Michelle got married on October 12th, me and the kids went up a week early.  I told the kids that we were going to drive them up but then we pulled up to the airport and surprised them with a plane ride there!  It was hard keeping it a secret.  The kids were awesome and I will totally look into flying up to NY again in the future.  It is a long drive to do by myself with 2 crazy kids.  

Here are a few random shots from the week:

I did Michelle's hair and makeup (she did the curls), when Michelle came out of her room Audrey said "You look like Rachel!"  

I was so excited to try her dress on, but nervous that I might do some damage to it!  It took me like 5 minutes to get one of the sleeves down (it was a series of very tiny and gentle pulls), but I didn't panic.  

Me and my sisters went to Tony's  (our favorite restuarant) for a girls night out.  We also got our nails done (Audrey did too!).  This was my first time getting the shellac nail polish, and I LOVE it!  My nails still look pretty good 2 weeks later!  Audrey was resistant to getting her nails done, but as her nails were drying she looked over to me and said "This is awesomer than I thought!".  I might have a nail buddy.

The kids spent a good portion of their days playing Mario on the Wii.  Some of the adults joined in occasionally.