Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Califoria Girls Trip

In late August (yes, I am behind once again) me and my four sisters got together for a long weekend in Cali, where my older sister lives.  She had a beautiful baby girl back in March, and most of us hadn't seen little Alexis yet.  

Alexis was about 5 months old.

She loves her bath time!!  This is Jessie, with Alexis.

And the bride-to-be (back in August anyway) Michelle...

 Joanna had her birthday in California, it was really fun to celebrate with her.  Jessie made a delicious chocolate cake (my Dad's recipe), I am still thinking about how good it was!

These two hijacked my camera and did a selfie photoshoot, I love this picture of them!

And here is Leah with the little lady! (the picture below, the above one is yours case you couldn't tell)

And here is all of us together..

Jessie and Brett bought a house and moved in July, so we got to see their new digs (very spacious and great layout!), and our new little niece.  We celebrated Joanna's 20th birthday, and we threw Michelle a small little wedding shower.  It was such a fun 5 days, and of course they went by way too fast.