Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trip to PA

Last week I decided to go up to PA with the kids, Travis had work, and Audrey had one week left of track out.  Her and Brighton only get about 5 weeks a year when they BOTH are out of school.  I told Audrey and Phoenix that they had to be really good in the car ride because I wouldn't be able to help them.  They were AWESOME!!

I also told Travis that I would take a lot of pictures.  I did not.  I did capture a few moments throughout our week though.

Phoenix and Addison pretended to be sleeping (but somehow the smiles are not too convincing).  

This was the FIRST and ONLY time that Audrey and Brighton played the ENTIRE time with each other!  It was so cute (but normally Addison gets Audrey to herself by day 2 or 3, so I think she was a little sad).  

The kids rode their bikes around the big driveway several times a day.  At one point all 3 of the older kids were chasing Phoenix around on bikes (he was riding a tricycle), and he yelled with great confidence "I am Phoenix Willy!" (pronounced "wooly"), it was so cute!!  

Poor Phoenix is old enough to want to be included, but not old enough for the big kids to want to include him.  It was kind of hilarious how Brighton treated him, one time Phoenix said something to Brighton and Brighton responded "I don't understand you, I don't speak Phoenix"!  Another time Brighton saw Phoenix using his blanket and he said "Well now, I guess I will have to wash my blanket!".  And another time I offered Brighton a box of raisins that Phoenix had barely touched and Brighton refused saying " I don't want them, Phoenix touched them with his hands!".  It is almost as if Brighton knew how unsanitary Phoenix actually is!  But I can't say I blame the kid, I shudder to think of all the stuff that Phoenix touches with his hands throughout the day!  

We had a great week, we went hiking, rode bikes, ate delicious food (compliments to Janae), our new niece (Clare) was born, we cuddled with the dogs, Phoenix went diarhhea in the neighbor's yard, we played at the park, the kids played video games.  It was chock full of fun!

Wait....what was that?  You want to know about Phoenix taking a dump on the neighbor's yard?  OK, OK!  It was evening, and I went outside to check on Phoenix.  He was walking up the sidewalk, and there was something juicy on his shorts.  Around the butt area.  I assumed he had an accident.  I took him inside (ever so carefully) and took off his shorts and undies.  Aside from a really big skid mark in his undies, there was nothing else there.  How did he get stuff on the outside of his shorts, but not the inside?  I asked Phoenix if he went poop,  "in the grass" was his answer.  I told Janae that it would be funny if it was in the neighbor's yard, and we both laughed.  Then I took Phoenix outside to show me where he went.  He ran straight down to the neighbor's house.  We couldn't ever find his...deposit, which was very annoying to him, but it was most definitely somewhere in their yard.  I told Phoenix that he could not poop in the grass, at first he didn't understand (because the kid knows no limits when it comes to peeing), but I think I talked some decency into him...maybe.  Who wants to invite us over to test it out??


Ellett Family said...

Rachel you are a brave lady! I do not think that I could have made that trip with my crazy kiddos alone kudos to you.And love the poop story yuk but cute!